Our Story

Our Story

Laughter, love, hugs, and sweet smiles are the beautiful joys of children. With tenderness, discipline, and care, we help build up their spirits, minds, and bodies. If you are lucky enough to be a parent of a healthy child, you worry about feeding their brains and bodies to ensure they become successful adults.

But what about the parents who don’t have a healthy child, what about the parents whose children fell and couldn’t get back up, about the parents who were told their children are sick and there is no treatment?

Allyson and Nicholas Buck are these parents. When their son, Sam, was 2-years-old he took a minor fall and was unable to get up. Allyson and Nicholas quickly realized something was very wrong. Many appointments and one excruciating afternoon later, Allyson and Nicholas sat in a neurologist’s office and were told that Sam had, an incurable, untreatable, terminal brain disease – Vanishing White Matter Disease. Sam and 250 people worldwide are known to suffer from the disease. There are only two people doing research and insurance doesn’t cover much.

The Buck family created The VWM Families Foundation to raise money to help families cover costs and to fund vital research to save other families from their fate.

Will you be there help the Bucks and these 250 families?

“We know our son is going to die long before he should, and we know we are going to have to watch it happen. With less than 250 cases worldwide, there is little hope for a treatment for Sam. There is little money for research and little awareness. Sam doesn’t really have a chance.”

– Allyson Buck

Allyson Buck is a cake decorator and full time mother of 3. In 2013, her youngest son Sam, was diagnosed with an incurable, untreatable, terminal brain disease called Vanishing White Matter Disease (VWM). Since her son’s diagnosis,  Allyson has continued to create delicious sweets as well as try to create a voice for the very rare VWM Disease.

Blogging her experiences as a mother of a terminal ill child, Allyson’s love for her son and passion to create happiness regardless of the outcome has offered others insight into this world.  Phrases resinate with readers such as ‘You will become stronger then you ever thought you could be’ or ‘You will appreciate everything’.

Every act of kindness her family receives is personal and she is determined to offer gratitude for each and every one. With a new appreciation for all the people who care so much for her, Sam, and their family, Allyson knows there is no time to waste. Her motto is Stop saying someday and start saying TODAY.